Share’nGo – Car-Sharing System by ZhiDou

Car sharing with electric cars is environmentally friendly!

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Every ride is a surprise and a discovery

Urban mobility on four wheels will be electric and shared with others: zero emissions, zero noise, the car on demand. It should also be a nice and a joyful experience, the ride into a city, that tells us a story every day.


Caertain Share’nGo’s partners simplify our life with free parking or fidelity bonuses. We walk to the supermarket on foot and return with the purchases. So we can exchange bonuspoints of our fidelity card to free SharenGo-Minutes.


Little time to go to the gym during lunch break? Too complicated to reach a park loved by runners or a beautiful swimmingpool? Sport’nGo gives you a hand and supports the needs, that are good for our health and well-being.


Nice to go to the theater or the cinema in the center. But how do you get home when public transportation is no longer available? With Share’nGo, of course! Discover on board, the daily offers of Cinema- and Theater-Partners of Share’nGo.

Why Share’nGo?

Electric and enjoyable

Share’nGo Electric Cars are environmentally friendly because they run electric, with no emissions and noiseless. You can find them spread over the city, book them with your smartphone and you return them wherever you want.


The more often you need it, the less it costs! Share’nGo customers pay an average of 0.24 €/Minute and with the Minute-Package about 0.22 €/Minute.
During nighttime until 06:00 in the morning, ladies can use the Women Night Voucher (30 minutes at € 3,-) to return home safely, paying finally € 0.10/Minute.

Practical and brilliant

Use Share’nGo Electric Cars only when you need them and go wherever you want. No limitation of access to the city-center and without parking fees. Share’nGo Electric Cars are easy to handle, fun to drive and simple to recharge!

The City is altering

Share’nGo is convenient to you and is good for your city!

It’s good for the environment thanks to your contribution.
A normal citycar produces many dangerous pollutants, for example about 100 grams of CO2 per km and costs 3,000-3,500 € per year (with 500 km/month).
Those who use Share’nGo electric cars stop being an accomplice of all this. It’s contribution to the reduction of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere grows with each run, is measured every day and is controllable by the user.
Who contributed most are rewarded by Share’nGo in collaboration with the Administrations of the cities in which we operate and the most important environmental organizations.
Because with Share’nGo electric car sharing the city change!

City – more free and greener

Cars in the city occupy about 10% of the available area and remain parked for 95% of their lifetime.
Would not a city be more beautiful with (many) fewer cars like Paris or Berlin?

Using Share’nGo you could give up your private car, or try for a while to do without it, and see how much time you spend looking for a parking space. Time that you could save.

Just fines!

We are all fed up with fines, even if we sometimes deserve them! And often the offices where we work, our homes, business-partners, cinemas and favorite restaurants are in Limited Traffic Areas.
With Share’nGo electric car sharing, these bad surprises end.
Free access to Limited Traffic Zones (in several cities), with free parking in paid parking spaces and other spaces reserved for residents.

Silent driving (Try out – it is funny!)

The electric car is good for our health: it does not pollute and makes no noise.
It is also very nice to drive Share’nGo Electric Cars – making the city more silent and more livable.

How does Share’nGo work?

1. Registering is quick and easy

In a few minutes you can sign up for this page: all you need is a driver’s license, a social security number and a credit card (also prepaid).
Registration costs 5 euros, includes 15 minutes of free driving and the Share’nGo Card (to open the car without a smartphone).

2. Book and start your tour in a moment

With our Apps for iOS and Android (or through the web app) open the city map, search for the nearest car and select on BOOK AUTO.
The reservation lasts 20 minutes and is free. In the vicinity of the car open the doors… and go!


3. Easy and fun to drive!

Driving a Share’nGo electric car is easy and fun: 120 km of autonomy, 80 km/h, the brilliant recovery of an electric car and the comfort of a city car with automatic transmission, parking sensors, LED lights, electric windows, aircondition, radio and navigator.

4. Go (almost) everywhere

How easy to enter Limited Traffic Areas for free and without annoying limits!
For each city a Share’nGo-Service-Area is defined (you can drive out of this area, but you must end the tour inside of  it). It is not possible to drive in the pedestrian areas and in the preferential lanes.

5. Every ride is a surprise and a discovery

The Share’nGo navigator is a mine of information, suggestions and advice. While traveling discover the many privileges reserved to you by the programs Shop’nGo, Show’nGo and Sport’nGo: free stops at shopping-malls, bonus-points to visit the cinema, information about the closest green-market, discounts to restaurants and gyms.

6. Free parking almost everywhere

Just fines! With the Share’nGo Electric Cars you can stop almost wherever you want, free of charge, both in paid parking lots and in those reserved for residents. You do not have to worry about recharging, we’ll take care of it!

7. Driving relaxed

Automobile liability insurance coverage is guaranteed on our vehicles up to € 10,000,000, policy against theft and fire. In addition, additional ancillary services are in place to guarantee damage resulting from vandalism, atmospheric events, collision with other vehicles, collision with obstacles, road exits, rollovers.

8. Just pay, when you use it

Share’nGo has a individualized rates: the more often you need it, the less it costs. The average rate is € 0.24/min and with the Minute-Packages at 0.22 €/min. Every single ride is debited to the credit card/prepaid-card. You can always check the trips made and the charges by entering your personnel online-customer-area.