Electric Cars in Austria – for less than 20.000 Euros!

Electric Cars in Austria

Electric Cars in Austria by ZhiDou

Electric Cars in Austria

are among the best selling Electric Cars worldwide and are purely electric powered vehicles.
They are currently being manufactured in China for Europe and are already being offered for less than 20.000 Euros.

In the future, however, Electric Cars from ZhiDou – for the European Market – will be produced in Europe also.

The parent company Geely Holding – a global player – is one of the world’s most active car manufacturers.
The Hangzhou-based company was founded in 1986 and
employs around 80.000 people.
Geely not only took over the Volvo-Brand, but also participated in the Brands Daimler, Lotus and The London Taxi Company “Black Cabs”.

Brand new is the participation in the commercial vehicle manufacturer Cenntro.
This means, that the Commercial Vehicle Series Metro is now also available at the ZhiDou-Partners.

ZhiDou recently announced plans to build a logistics center and production facilities in Europe.

Electric Cars in Austria


Environmentally friendly driving – and incredibly affordable. Enjoy a pleasant, almost noiseless ride without pollutant emissions.
100% pure electric – in the city and in the country, professionally or at leisure.
Electric Cars from ZhiDou are up to date – wherever you go.

Electric Cars in Austria


Electric Cars from ZhiDou enable the most economical driving in and around the city.
These electric cars can be charged almost anywhere: at home via normal 230V sockets, at public charging stations or at work – at sensationally low costs.

Electric Cars in Austria


Electric Cars from ZhiDou follow the current development-trends for electric vehicles in terms of comfort, features and easy handling.
Enjoy the relaxed, quiet and comfortable ride in a top-equipped Electric Car.
Almost no noise and no disturbing emissions.

Why are Electric Cars from ZhiDou economical?

Driving an Electric Car of ZhiDou can be partially cheaper than by public transport.
These E-Cars can be recharged almost anywhere: At home via standard 230V sockets, at public charging stations or even at your workplace.

Charging an E-Car is often FREE or for a small fee.
A full charge at home costs about 90 €-Cents depending on the tariff and on can achieve a range (according to model) up to 257 kilometers.
The battery packs have a reasonable lifetime – assumed 2000 full-charging-cycles, which corresponds to a mileage of around 240,000 kilometers.
ZhiDou provides a 4-year unlimited mileage warranty on battery packs.
Not yet included are the minimum maintenance costs compared to normal combustion engines, because much service- and repairworks are completely eliminated.

The materials and workmanship are of high quality and the technology ranges at a very high level.

Therefore ZhiDou is proud of it´s very good image

Electric Cars in Austria

Electric Cars in AustriaElectric Cars in Austria

Main features of Electric Cars:

  • perfect Electric Cars for city and local traffic
  • exceptional comfort and top quality equipment
  • ideal for short and medium distances
  • Range of up to 250 kilometers *** – without pollutant emissions
  • low VAT and other taxes
  • no motor-related insurance tax
  • compact, handy, practical and very economical
  • the most affordable and inexpensive Electric Cars in Austria
  • Purchase: Governmental support for all-electric private cars (until the end of 2018) *
  • Infrastructure support for charging station **
  • low operating and maintenance costs
  • ZhiDou Electric Car energy-consumption: 7 kWh / 100 km ***
Cost-/Benefit Calculator
  • intelligent ZhiDou Battery Management
  • less mechanical parts in the drive-unit and motor
  • no clutch, hardly any wearing parts, less operating fluids
  • Battery service (kilometer-dependent), at least once a year, to calibrate the batteries (for maximum charging capacity)
  • 4 year unlimited mileage warranty on the accu-pack
  • Recommended brake check once a year

* depending on the respective federal state
** depending on the energy-provider
*** under optimum conditions